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zNessus is a Nessus client for the Sharp Zaurus

Requierements :

For zNessus to be functional, you need a Nessus server. You can get it at www.nessus.org. Read the docs about the Nessus server, all your need for zNessus is a working account on the Nessus server and that the server accepts unencrypted communications (this is disabled by default). We assume networking is OK on your Zaurus and your Zaurus can access the Nessus server. We also assume that your Nessus server is able to send e-mails.

Usage :

Install the ipk package on your Zaurus. Launch zNessus in the 'Applications' menu. Enter the informations about your Nessus server : hostname or IP, port, and the login and password of the account you created on the Nessus server. Then click the 'Connect' button. After the download of the plugin list and server preferences, tabs will appear. The first one allows you to choose the plugins you want to test. They are sorted by families. Select a family and the related plugin list will appear. You can select them with the checkboxes on their left. If you want informations about a plugin, just click on the button with its name. If you don't select any plugin, then all the plugin will be used. Otherwise only the plugins with their checkbox checked will be used.

You can then choose the preferences and options you want with the other tabs. To receive the results of the Nessus attack, select the option 'Detached Scan' and enter your e-mail in the 'Send results to this e-mail address' field.

When everything is OK, you can click the 'Launch attack' button, and then exit the application.

Warning :

zNessus uses an unencrypted communication between your Zaurus and the Nessus server. A person sniffing your network can know your login and password, and then launch attacks from the Nessus server with your account. So if you are on a non-switched network, or are using a wireless network (even sold as encrypted), you are recommended to use strong cryptography. For example, you can use a VPN or tunnel the Nessus communications in ssh if you have an ssh account on the Nessus server.

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